Jazz Weekly “Ringer of the Week”: “He Said, She Said”, duets for two voices

May 2011

Jazz Weekly (www.jazzweekly.com) has reviewed the Duets CD, “He Said, She Said” and named us “Ringer of the Week”!  And I think it’s ultra cool that we’re right above the review for the Dave Brubeck Quartet  :)  Here’s the review:

by George W. Harris

Like they said in the movie The Great Escape, “It’s such a simple idea as to be absolutely brilliant.” Instead of an a cappella singing group, why not just do a bunch of duets, and see how it goes? Well, in these hands (voices), it works out superbly. Like the Persuasions and Take Six, Doctor and Schumacher have no overdubs nor band, just a creative usage of the human voice through an exhilarating mix of standards, latin and pop on a white knuckler roller coaster ride.

Songs like “Honeysuckle Rose” and “I Know That You Know” have the partners exchanging lyrics and rhythm section roles in a way that makes 400 yard relays seem pedestrian. They can create auditory subversive moods as on the Cassavetes sounding “Brandeburg Gate.” They do some amazing vocal effects on the funky and foot stomping “Another Bites The Dust” that will have you pounding your fist in the air, while “Temptation” has the two voices open up like a flower opening up to the morning sun. A couple of non lyric tunes (what do you call them? Non instrument instrumentals?!?) go into the Piazzola songbook, one with a guest bass vocal, which deliver enchanting sounds throughout. The disc may seem a bit short at barely over 30 minutes, but there are more ideas and wonderful sounds here that in a box set of Michael Buble’.


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